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Searching new technological frontiers Flash Corp Technologies Ltd was formed to further market develop IT systems and programs that in the future when fully developed would represent a clear commercial advantage to consumers. With the continuous development of new IT systems and programs it became clear to the Flash Corp founders that many of the developments in IT systems and programs in recent years did not optimise the consumer advantage to their systems, programs or business models.
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Flash Corp

FLASH CORP is a UK registered Technology Investment Company established in 2021 that holds proprietary rights to an array of intellectual property, and other patentable and protected technology. It also operates as an independent software vendor (ISV) business that builds, develops and sells consumer or enterprise software.

Our Business

FLASH CORP is an independent online application and software developer, mostly focused on the gaming, betting and financial market sectors. FLASH CORP develops, implements and brands its applications for its own use and licenses its proprietary, patented and otherwise protected technology to third parties


FLASH CORP technologies is fast becoming an integral part of the online sports-betting and gambling revolution. Our new and unique approach to customer acquisition sets us up to be a major international force in the online gaming industry. We ensure our Apps uphold the highest standards to ensure a fair and safe gaming experience.

Flashbet Wheel

Flashbet Wheel

A new approach to sports betting

The “FlashBet BetWheel” is a revolutionary approach to online sports betting that has cross market and cross gambler profile appeal, from the sports betting market and football pools player to the ‘Lucky Dip’ lottery player, and from the novice gambler and ‘accumulator’ punter to the analytical sports bet player.

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Flashbet Mini

Mini Wheel easy to use

A simplistic extension of our original FlashBet Wheel which involves 3 selections instead of 6 selections. One home win, one draw and one away win. The application automatically produces 5 trebles (3-folds) based on the players 3 selections offering specific gains ranging from 15/1 to 5000/1

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Flashbet Mini
Draw Predictor

Draw Predictor

Based on Fibonacci Theorem

The easy to use draw predictor app generates likely to draw football match outcomes. Based on a historical series of non-draw matches accumulating, the player has a much higher propensity to make gains with the proven draw predictor app system.

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